Saturday, May 29, 2010

it feels like every post i write is born out of outrage at naomi's posts

I swear that I will find some pictures and my camera cable and do an outfit post/picture post just so my dear American friend will STOP POSTING THESE GOD AWFUL PICTURES OF ME IN STATES OF UNDRESS/TRYING ON ADMITTEDLY AWESOME SUNGLASSES. And I like what you've done there, choosing the least flattering photo and putting it as the sidebar thingy. *when you know I can't change it because of the ever trustworthy Chinese government*


P.S It's Peacocke with an E :D
P.P.S How long is this vegan thing going to last, hm?
P.P.P.S Why can you not tell me about your stupid trip to the Vogue offices over email like a NORMAL person? Pah. Teen Vogue. Patronising articles on how to text flirtily.. I still hate you. :)
P.P.P.P.S I have to stop treating this like an email. And I have to start writing actual posts. This whole thing was basically me talking to Naomi. Sorry, imaginary readers!

Ooh also I promise my next post will have even just a tenuous link to the subject of fashion, and not be a completely unrelated aside. Like this.

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