Friday, May 28, 2010

'force her to blog'

This is not forced!
Yknow, this blog is basically me and Naomi (or, Naomi and I - like me now, Mr. *****?) [this is naomi - it's actually Naomi and me, in your face, and hannah i dont think evans would appreciate that] being our random selves.
Anyway, musings of the day over.
I'd just like to say that, unlike some people in america- the land of giant cookies and vintage stores- I have internal exams and therefore need to revise. Not that I'm actually revising, I just pretend to. That pretending, ladies and gentlemen, takes a surprising amount of EFFORT. So until next..Friday, I think, I'm not going to be posting anything of great importance.
Ooh, and sorry for not posting. Been busy. Been lazy. Guess which one's true :D
In other news, our art class may possibly be making a sculpture. How is that related to fashion, you ask. If me and my partner win the vote, the sculpture will be a full size evening dress symbolising environmental issues. By which I mean it will have burnt Reds and Greys (our schools twisted reward system) and dead animals. Which stand for paper wastage and food wastage, of course.

anyway. about to be caught blogging instead of learning French tenses.


Hannah (the one stuck in beijing)

P.S I love Beijing! Just saying.

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