Monday, May 31, 2010

dylan thomas died after his last drinking binge in the white horse tavern in new york in 1953.

contemplate. no, this is not an excuse for revenge.
PS: beijing doesn't have reese's cereal.

more outfits because i have nothing better to this legal?

A better picture of Zara skirt mentioned below, also taken in Bali.
Below: coffee from Joe The Art Of Coffee at Grand Central. Beijing doesn't have Joe, now, does it?
The giant Target store at Times Square. Yeah, yeah, I know, but i haven't been inside, mind you. Not yet, anyway.
Below: Someone's foot in someone's mother's shoe. I'm pretty sure this is Hannah's leg because mine's not that fat (whereupon I make a fool of myself when it turns out the leg is, in fact, belonging to moi. mon dieu!).

Hannah on swings at Riviera, Beijing's equivalent of the Stepford Wives' dwelling, only much, much worse. She is wearing the free coat from Wang Jing (Beijing's koreatown).
A bad picture of me in Bali, wearing a grey t shirt and that red skirt from Zara everyone loves and hates me for.

the post no one's been waiting for! yes, it's still me. *glares at imaginary hannah for not posting* pah. sheer laziness.

picture yi - hannah's over-accessorized self, wearing rich chinese dictator's - er, director's, sorry - shoes, skull 'n crossbones belt, and ill-fitting jacket. all this was found stuffed into a GUCCI (!) carrier bag, yes, it was real. this is the boy who complains for getting 'only' 40K for chinese new year hong bao (red packet).
picture er - sharing a lemon lollipop that i oh so generously handed to them. wearing school uniform, lo and behold.
picture san - person in clothes. observe and comment, imaginary readers. book day at school, she came in as erin from 'grief girl' and left as nancy as in sid and nancy. radical.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"the power of wang"

Fall 2010 - all pictures from Observe the nice velvety bits and orangey shoesies, the jacket-with-arm-not-present effect, the layering of same color and texture, and the uses of pinstripes and layering.
as i do not possess the same powers of description as hannah, i will leave the thinking and analytical thoughts to you, imaginary readers. and no, that other picture is not a model, it is in fact alex Himself.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

other blogs! - fashion. this one has awesome pics. also, it's in cestina, ie czech. yum. - menswear. very cool. worth checking out, even if you're not a guy. - she loves the beatles and does good lists! so she's got to be a keeper. - polish! cool shoes & outfit posts. also on weardrobe.

see? i promote other blogs because im cool and compassionate like that! sniff.

from omi, the butt half of the hybrid name, hanomi, to those not familiar with us and our weird ways [read: everyone].

new york, new york

beijing doesn't have alice + olivia! or parsons (where project runway is)! or target! ...yes. or times square! or people trying to bomb it!

che & flowered tights & stuffs

they're selling postcards of the hanging..

Okay, half-asleep (hyphen needed?) so keeping this as short as I can.
Or, in other words, this will be a slightly less rambly post than

Photo 1: How I wanted to steal these glasses from the IMAX cinema..
What kind of person doesn't love glasses that cover half your face in
an oddly shaped shadow AND make cinema screens pop out?
~model is a friend who shall not be named~

Photo 2: Ooh, I'm like a moth to an odd, unflattering flame. These
look good on no one. I don't particularly care. Simple fact is, they
are awesome. I know, my descriptive skills know no bounds.

Photo 3: It's been a hard day's night..and I've been working like a
dog. Owned by T. Leung, he of the annoyingly good at everything camp.
Shortly after this picture was taken, T. Leung's body was found,
stripped of his t shirt. Interestingly, nothing else was taken.

Photo 4: Notice the piercing, model-esque stare of Tommy W.
Surprisingly, he doesn't enjoy being accosted by manical girls trying
to take a closer look at his clothing. This t shirt was apparently
bought at Shin Kong Place, instantly rendering it completely
unattainable. For those of you who don't know what Shin Kong Place is,
it's a super high-end department store where people walk round going
"Oh my, look, that tweed jacket is only 45,000 RMB, what a bargain!".
Not EXACTLY my scene, yknow?

Got revising to do. Let's hope this little update kept our
hungry-for-more readers satisfied.
Only joking, I know full well we have zero people checking up on this blog.


P.S Whenever I see a blog with zero comments and an air of
desperation, I feel sad. All this blog is missing is an air of
desperation :D
Until then, there is hope!

i love you too hannah!

On Liz - Red skirt from H&M, boots from Zara, fedora from 3.3, tights from 7.11.
On Hannah - Red MAC lipstick (haha) John Lennon shirt from Kamikaze Cowboy, and her grandmother's leather skirt.

it feels like every post i write is born out of outrage at naomi's posts

I swear that I will find some pictures and my camera cable and do an outfit post/picture post just so my dear American friend will STOP POSTING THESE GOD AWFUL PICTURES OF ME IN STATES OF UNDRESS/TRYING ON ADMITTEDLY AWESOME SUNGLASSES. And I like what you've done there, choosing the least flattering photo and putting it as the sidebar thingy. *when you know I can't change it because of the ever trustworthy Chinese government*


P.S It's Peacocke with an E :D
P.P.S How long is this vegan thing going to last, hm?
P.P.P.S Why can you not tell me about your stupid trip to the Vogue offices over email like a NORMAL person? Pah. Teen Vogue. Patronising articles on how to text flirtily.. I still hate you. :)
P.P.P.P.S I have to stop treating this like an email. And I have to start writing actual posts. This whole thing was basically me talking to Naomi. Sorry, imaginary readers!

Ooh also I promise my next post will have even just a tenuous link to the subject of fashion, and not be a completely unrelated aside. Like this.

Friday, May 28, 2010

the coolest glasses ever to hit this planet - naomi.

dead animals? become a vegan, lady. like me.

Watch Food Inc., that's all I have to say.
The latest in outfit pics! YAY!
Yeh. Ill show you that New York is AWESOME. Because, Hannah, read it and weep: Im going to go to Vogue & Teen Vogue offices, personal tour style. What do you do in Beijing, apart from making Peacock-spurred pseudo-environmental 'sculptures'? Ey?
On to the pictures.

'force her to blog'

This is not forced!
Yknow, this blog is basically me and Naomi (or, Naomi and I - like me now, Mr. *****?) [this is naomi - it's actually Naomi and me, in your face, and hannah i dont think evans would appreciate that] being our random selves.
Anyway, musings of the day over.
I'd just like to say that, unlike some people in america- the land of giant cookies and vintage stores- I have internal exams and therefore need to revise. Not that I'm actually revising, I just pretend to. That pretending, ladies and gentlemen, takes a surprising amount of EFFORT. So until next..Friday, I think, I'm not going to be posting anything of great importance.
Ooh, and sorry for not posting. Been busy. Been lazy. Guess which one's true :D
In other news, our art class may possibly be making a sculpture. How is that related to fashion, you ask. If me and my partner win the vote, the sculpture will be a full size evening dress symbolising environmental issues. By which I mean it will have burnt Reds and Greys (our schools twisted reward system) and dead animals. Which stand for paper wastage and food wastage, of course.

anyway. about to be caught blogging instead of learning French tenses.


Hannah (the one stuck in beijing)

P.S I love Beijing! Just saying.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New city, new opportunities...

I would say 'sorry for not posting in so long, the proxys have been temperamental' but i don't have to, as there is no one to apologize to. Luckily i am willing to overlook this fact and carry on!
Our blog has even more opportunities now - One correspondent in Beijing, and one in New york - me! i temporarily moved to the city that never sleeps, and it is very very very very cool.
More posts coming soon, and i will email hannah and force her to blog.