Sunday, February 7, 2010

second outfit post ever

Sadly, although typepad, wordpress and livejournal have been unblocked by the Chinese government, blogger still remains unreachable. Unless you have a proxy. and since I stupidly uninstalled mine, neither Naomi nor I have one and we have to resort to emailing posts in. That presents a few of it's own problems though.
1. Naomster has no idea how to email posts in.
2. I have no idea how to appear in posts through email.
So, if it turns out this is a pictureless post, SORRY.
hopefully it will turn out to be a picture of me wearing..clothes.
which clothes, you ask?
Esprit red coat, floral GAP dress from my aunt, black Zara belt from my aunt, black Skechers boots from my mum
I don't know where the photos will appear, so that litttle line of text will have to do.
Notice the snow on the ground and the fact that my tights aren't particularly thick.
Coldness is definitely a feature in all my outfits.
P.S I got that from 13 going on 30. Hate the movie.
P.P.S i tried sending this with all the pics but it said something about the files being too now I'm down to one. will probz send the other photos in separate emails. no promises..:)

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