Friday, February 19, 2010


I've been listening to B-b-b-bennie and the JETSSS. Yeah. Onto the review I guess.
Rodarte's past collections have been quite tough, aggressive but still undeniably beautiful, so this current collection is a departure from the usual. It's more subtle, this one, and it's beauty sneaks up on you after a few glances at runway photos. The clothes still have the requisite Mulleavy sister's silhouettes but it's a world away from their previous collection.
Sure, the basic Rodarte style is still there in the shredded, washed out, faded and destroyed whisps of chiffon and (insert other fabric names because I have no idea, thus proving that I have no observational skills) but the whole aesthetic has been muted and mellowed out into a serene and calmly perfect collection. Ghostly floral prints and slashes of patterned cloth that could have come from an old patchwork blanket were combined to make something that seemed otherworldly, while the genius Nicholas Kirkwood shoes- made to look like melted candle wax, tell me thats not cool- only added to the vaguely dreamlike effect. The colours used were mostly neutral although there was the occasional flash of sunny gingham that made me smile. Its like walking into the House of Lords and finding a tartan clad, multicoloured punk taking the stand. Towards the end of the showing, the focs turned to floor length, sheer white dresses that were breathtakingly gorgeous and I wasn't there, but I suppose the whole audience would have been hushed at that point.
*awed silence at the wonder of Rodarte*
If I'm honest though, my favourite collection is still the previous one. I liked the whole idea of it and although this one is beautifuly structured and it forces me to use my entire vocabulary when I describe it, it didn't grab me at first. It was only after a couple of looks that I began to appreciate it.
Anyway, that's just what I thought. It's probably a whole lot of rubbish, but first time, right?
P.S I found it slightly amusing that when looking through past Rodarte collections on it frequently said "Shop the Look: Goth"

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