Friday, February 12, 2010

nanluo guxiang the inside story

dear (cough) readers,

i am here again, making up for the Sin of Not Blogging *glares at unnamed person with curly hair*. so just some pics of our time in nanluoguxiang, the coolest hippest alternativest (it's a word shut up) street in the jing. interesting things we saw include four lens flying goggles, literal doggie bags,  christmas tree converse, guitar pick necklaces, a shop called chictopia, and a chinese woman running around in a gaudy green felt juicy couture inspired ... thing. nevertheless, it was very enjoyable, especially when we finished up with fish 'n chips and apple pie, then a trip to a guitar store searching for The Right Bass for hannah and The Right Guitar Strap for me. and of course, despite freezing our butts off walking we staggered into Mega Mega Vintage, the AMAZING WONDERFUL INSANELY COOL vintage store. you have to love a place where the changing room is an old fashioned london telephone box and they still have dusty 1960s polaroids or whatever those things are :D.

love love and love,


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