Sunday, February 14, 2010

the definitive NLGX post (we promise it's the last one)

The First Ever Joint Blog Post on a Blog Which No One Reads


H: As you can see by the title, this is a momentous occasion for our zero readers.

Naomi and I (proper grammar!) are writing a blog post together. This is because I was at her house and we went to NLGX (a place with clothes and music) on a quest to find the mythical 'Doc Martens Shop' and a bass guitar for yours truly. Oh how I wish I could actually play bass. Unsurprisingly enough, we took hundreds of millions of photos with Naomi's' broken camera.

Over to you, Naomster.

N: We started the day by browsing the streets of NLGX, a wonderful area of our city,full of moody almost-rockers with long ponytails and awesome guitar straps (possible DIY idea: guitar straps for a belt?),  little boutiques full of sweaters, miniskirts, lots and lots of useless yet captivating trinkets, and an amazing store – Mega Mega Vintage – that we spent hours in, just looking at the octagon shaped handbags and retro cameras and 60s blazers and the most beautiful leather jackets…which Han-omi have an unnatural fixation with, and records (London Calling, the Clash – one of the best).

H: Unnatural fixation is putting it mildly, haha. Basically, we squealed madly at every piece of leather-y goodness and creepily stroked the softness. The owner kept staring warily at us. That's just the effect we have on most shop owners *innocent smile*. In the end (after I saw a pair of mesh polka dot gloves that I wanted to steal so badly) we reluctantly left the shop, swearing that our birthday party would be held in its glorious fitting room-shaped like a red English phone box! I should probably stop talking about Mega Mega Vintage or the owner might issue a restraining order…

N: Our plan is to tell everyone who wants to come that the only place they can shop for our gifts is Mega Mega Vintage…and if they don't feel like going all the way there (some find NLGX too cool and intimidating for their lame-ness), they can just give us…well, money. To buy more and more and MORE from MMV until…actually, there's no until. You know what they say – you can never have too many vintage clothes…

H: OK OK ENOUGH ABOUT MEGA MEGA VINTAGE. *sigh* Honestly, people these days, getting so obsessed with shops.

Now the whole world knows our evil plans for our birthday…Scratch that, nobody knows our evil plans! Seeing as nobody reads this thing. Anyway, I would like to talk about the worrying trend that we saw on the once-cool streets of NLGX today.

The trend I am talking about is *drum roll please* Cuddly. Animal. Hats.

Do I really need to elaborate on the reasons why this is so wrong? Well, I'm going to anyway. Actually, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I figure a bad one is worth five hundred. Behold:

(insert pic of panda hat-wait, I've realised I don't have it. nevermind.)

N: Wait. No. This is Hannah writing. Naomi refuses to write anymore as she says it's too long. PAH! There's no such thing as a blog post which is too long. Anyway, this is getting quite long. *smiles*

Selamat Datang!

Hannah & Naomi

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