Friday, February 19, 2010


I've been listening to B-b-b-bennie and the JETSSS. Yeah. Onto the review I guess.
Rodarte's past collections have been quite tough, aggressive but still undeniably beautiful, so this current collection is a departure from the usual. It's more subtle, this one, and it's beauty sneaks up on you after a few glances at runway photos. The clothes still have the requisite Mulleavy sister's silhouettes but it's a world away from their previous collection.
Sure, the basic Rodarte style is still there in the shredded, washed out, faded and destroyed whisps of chiffon and (insert other fabric names because I have no idea, thus proving that I have no observational skills) but the whole aesthetic has been muted and mellowed out into a serene and calmly perfect collection. Ghostly floral prints and slashes of patterned cloth that could have come from an old patchwork blanket were combined to make something that seemed otherworldly, while the genius Nicholas Kirkwood shoes- made to look like melted candle wax, tell me thats not cool- only added to the vaguely dreamlike effect. The colours used were mostly neutral although there was the occasional flash of sunny gingham that made me smile. Its like walking into the House of Lords and finding a tartan clad, multicoloured punk taking the stand. Towards the end of the showing, the focs turned to floor length, sheer white dresses that were breathtakingly gorgeous and I wasn't there, but I suppose the whole audience would have been hushed at that point.
*awed silence at the wonder of Rodarte*
If I'm honest though, my favourite collection is still the previous one. I liked the whole idea of it and although this one is beautifuly structured and it forces me to use my entire vocabulary when I describe it, it didn't grab me at first. It was only after a couple of looks that I began to appreciate it.
Anyway, that's just what I thought. It's probably a whole lot of rubbish, but first time, right?
P.S I found it slightly amusing that when looking through past Rodarte collections on it frequently said "Shop the Look: Goth"

i hate proxies sometimes

Ah. I wrote a huge, long, rambling post about why I blog and why fashion blogging is fine and you should never change your outfit because your own parents burst out laughing when you walk into the room.
I also added a little anecdote about what to do when you suspect your boyfriend is into watching videos of Russian Neo-Nazi skinheads executing people.
Unfortunately, the whole thing was lost forever when my proxy decided to suddenly stop working and erased what I'd been writing for 15 long, hard minutes. And I'm not going to rewrite it, partly because it was a pointless, bloated monster of an essay and partly because I'm lazy like that. Anyway. I also reviewed Rodarte's runway collection. Which I will post shortly.
To be honest, I'm not sure why I wrote this post. I think mostly due to boredom. Also because I have a few things to say about Fashion Week.
-Firstly, I'm not going to be at Fashion Week physically. Although I guess that was a given, seeing as I live a million miles away and I have school..
-I just write what I think about the collections and clothes, I'm not an expert in any way.
-Third, I have a feeling this blog will never be seen by anybody apart from friends and family. Which is fine, yknow. *sobs quietly*
And that concludes what was possibly the most pointless post ever.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

against her will

thats right, ladies and grunts - i'm posting a picture of hannah up, AGAINST HER WILL.
she thinks she looks like a demented crayon in it.
i ... might agree, but i won't because it's PURE AWESOME


red ray bans (fake)
red tights
white t shirt from only
red esprit jacket
Buddha necklace

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the definitive NLGX post (we promise it's the last one)

The First Ever Joint Blog Post on a Blog Which No One Reads


H: As you can see by the title, this is a momentous occasion for our zero readers.

Naomi and I (proper grammar!) are writing a blog post together. This is because I was at her house and we went to NLGX (a place with clothes and music) on a quest to find the mythical 'Doc Martens Shop' and a bass guitar for yours truly. Oh how I wish I could actually play bass. Unsurprisingly enough, we took hundreds of millions of photos with Naomi's' broken camera.

Over to you, Naomster.

N: We started the day by browsing the streets of NLGX, a wonderful area of our city,full of moody almost-rockers with long ponytails and awesome guitar straps (possible DIY idea: guitar straps for a belt?),  little boutiques full of sweaters, miniskirts, lots and lots of useless yet captivating trinkets, and an amazing store – Mega Mega Vintage – that we spent hours in, just looking at the octagon shaped handbags and retro cameras and 60s blazers and the most beautiful leather jackets…which Han-omi have an unnatural fixation with, and records (London Calling, the Clash – one of the best).

H: Unnatural fixation is putting it mildly, haha. Basically, we squealed madly at every piece of leather-y goodness and creepily stroked the softness. The owner kept staring warily at us. That's just the effect we have on most shop owners *innocent smile*. In the end (after I saw a pair of mesh polka dot gloves that I wanted to steal so badly) we reluctantly left the shop, swearing that our birthday party would be held in its glorious fitting room-shaped like a red English phone box! I should probably stop talking about Mega Mega Vintage or the owner might issue a restraining order…

N: Our plan is to tell everyone who wants to come that the only place they can shop for our gifts is Mega Mega Vintage…and if they don't feel like going all the way there (some find NLGX too cool and intimidating for their lame-ness), they can just give us…well, money. To buy more and more and MORE from MMV until…actually, there's no until. You know what they say – you can never have too many vintage clothes…

H: OK OK ENOUGH ABOUT MEGA MEGA VINTAGE. *sigh* Honestly, people these days, getting so obsessed with shops.

Now the whole world knows our evil plans for our birthday…Scratch that, nobody knows our evil plans! Seeing as nobody reads this thing. Anyway, I would like to talk about the worrying trend that we saw on the once-cool streets of NLGX today.

The trend I am talking about is *drum roll please* Cuddly. Animal. Hats.

Do I really need to elaborate on the reasons why this is so wrong? Well, I'm going to anyway. Actually, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I figure a bad one is worth five hundred. Behold:

(insert pic of panda hat-wait, I've realised I don't have it. nevermind.)

N: Wait. No. This is Hannah writing. Naomi refuses to write anymore as she says it's too long. PAH! There's no such thing as a blog post which is too long. Anyway, this is getting quite long. *smiles*

Selamat Datang!

Hannah & Naomi

Friday, February 12, 2010

another outfit post

naomi - in my opinion, a pretty cool outfit. here's hannah's description of it on her weardrobe account: this is what I first put on. then i went out to see my brother's snowman. and i screamed, ran back in and changed into a slightly warmer cardigan. also, i forgot to say this in the other oufit description but I'm wearing two pairs of tights, partly for warmth and partly because my brother laughs at my bright red legs a lot haha. by thw way, I'm drinking coffee milk in the first photo because I didn't realise the timer had been set yet *smiles*.
Why, you might ask, am i doing this outfit post of it's hannah who is modelling and her own clothes, too? well basically because she's too busy talking to her boyfriend. sighs dramatically.

NLGX continued

as the whole emailing-posts-to-blog thing is fairly ... tedious. i only uploaded a couple of pics on the last one. so here's just...continued.

nanluo guxiang the inside story

dear (cough) readers,

i am here again, making up for the Sin of Not Blogging *glares at unnamed person with curly hair*. so just some pics of our time in nanluoguxiang, the coolest hippest alternativest (it's a word shut up) street in the jing. interesting things we saw include four lens flying goggles, literal doggie bags,  christmas tree converse, guitar pick necklaces, a shop called chictopia, and a chinese woman running around in a gaudy green felt juicy couture inspired ... thing. nevertheless, it was very enjoyable, especially when we finished up with fish 'n chips and apple pie, then a trip to a guitar store searching for The Right Bass for hannah and The Right Guitar Strap for me. and of course, despite freezing our butts off walking we staggered into Mega Mega Vintage, the AMAZING WONDERFUL INSANELY COOL vintage store. you have to love a place where the changing room is an old fashioned london telephone box and they still have dusty 1960s polaroids or whatever those things are :D.

love love and love,


Thursday, February 11, 2010

the banned :)

hello, nemo (no one).
havent blogged in a year (haha) and hannah is bugging me like crazy so just wanted to add a little piccie of our fantastic band, the banned. i am on lead guitar, hannah smithy is bass and the indelible erin zou on drums. our singer and erm...rhythm guitar are not present. but thats ok.

you know you love me,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

so im not in the BEST mood right now

but I'm not willing to make the reasons for my mood public in an online blog. Although, my secret's probably safe since this is completely, utterly unknown.
above ( i think) is a photo of me freezing to death in the snow. see what I do for this blog? and now I have to wait 10 minutes for it to load on this insanely slow internet connection. Ah, what a ray of sunshine I am today..
now I'm going to lie on my bed, listen to Bob Dylan and write bad poems.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

second outfit post ever

Sadly, although typepad, wordpress and livejournal have been unblocked by the Chinese government, blogger still remains unreachable. Unless you have a proxy. and since I stupidly uninstalled mine, neither Naomi nor I have one and we have to resort to emailing posts in. That presents a few of it's own problems though.
1. Naomster has no idea how to email posts in.
2. I have no idea how to appear in posts through email.
So, if it turns out this is a pictureless post, SORRY.
hopefully it will turn out to be a picture of me wearing..clothes.
which clothes, you ask?
Esprit red coat, floral GAP dress from my aunt, black Zara belt from my aunt, black Skechers boots from my mum
I don't know where the photos will appear, so that litttle line of text will have to do.
Notice the snow on the ground and the fact that my tights aren't particularly thick.
Coldness is definitely a feature in all my outfits.
P.S I got that from 13 going on 30. Hate the movie.
P.P.S i tried sending this with all the pics but it said something about the files being too now I'm down to one. will probz send the other photos in separate emails. no promises..:)