Thursday, January 7, 2010

the first. ever. outfit. post.

unfortunately, its just me in the outfit. and it's not exactly the best photo taking ever.
baby steps, guys, baby steps.
first, here is the photo for your perusement, amusement and eventual recoil..ment.

now the story! settle round, dear imaginary readers.
my taiwanese grandmother used to go out and get dressed up and generally completely defy her actual Age. (she's only like, 60 anyway). Now though she has all her time taken up in various matters that force her to stay at home. Well, not force. She chooses too. But that's not relevant!
Anyway, she had a truckload of old clothes that she didn't need. A few of them were a bit, old women-ish with that vague feel of polyester and dust. But out of that heap came this pretty little dress. I cannot imagine her wearing this. It's probably from when she was young..
And it doesn't look dated in the least..or at least I think it doesnt, but what do I know?
There was also a denim jacket, a down-to-my-ankles skirt that I'm not sure why I got, and a knitted three quarter sleeve jumper..thing. Notice the amazingly detailed and precise descriptions.
So, I rather like this dress. It's got that panel thing on the skirt that reminds me And houses! The only thing is, it's got lace cuffs that are just..beyond words. and not in a good way.
Oh well. Nothing can be perfect.
Except for George Harrison, Jimmy Page and Top Gear.
I'm thinking I talk about them too much, right? ITS NOT MY FAULT I SWEAR.
They're deeply ingrained in my brain.
Hello Goodbye,
P.S See how I made a Beatles song into my sign-off? Yay.

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