Wednesday, January 6, 2010

baby you can drive my car, yes i'm gonna be a star

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me.
I'm in too deep with the Beatles. I will never escape their perfect clutches...
Anyway. I'm switching my ipod to play Belle and Sebastian now, or I'll never stop listening to Rubber Soul. And I mean NEVER.
A pattern is emerging in this blog, actually. Basically, I put the lyrics of the song I'm listening to as the title. Then I babble about bands for a bit. And THEN the post arrives, late but no less welcome. Anybody know what song my title is from? No? Oh well.
Floral Doc Martens. Or, as they're sometimes known, The Love of My Life. And since I overuse Google I stumbled across photos. Of a Korean band that I've never heard of. And the Doc Martens aren't floral, true, but the outfits are no less cool. Without further ado:

The guy with the glasses reminds me a bit of a guy in my class.. Yes. ANYWAY. Sorry I don't know their names. I should find out more about Korean celebrities, if only for their amazing fashion sense. Don't you just love his polka dot guitar?

And, yknow, more Doc Martens. Floral ones.
*creepy grin*my precious...

Also, have you SEEN this guy? He's 15!
You don't see many guys still in school who are that stylish. Or at least not in my school..
Oh, and all photos are from Except for the pic where it's a close up of floral doc martens. That's

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