Monday, December 28, 2009

lovely lovely winter sales...

Hey, non-existent readers…
It’s that time of year again…or just after anyway. Though the official Christmas may be over, for me it’s just begun. Winter sales are in full bloom – Uniqlo (Japanese brand) has sales of up to 60%. Mango (Spanish brand) up to 50%, and with so much price reduction I actually went in and bought a sweater there. My first very first Mango garment. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a slim fit black V-neck that I will use for school instead of the regulation scratchy off-black ones (my school has a uniform; blazer, tie, the whole deal). There was also this very large, very shiny cuff-type bangle with little spikes in Mango, but I’d run out of money...luckily, there’s always tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, my fellow blog partner and I are going to venture into the bit of our city with all the narrow streets cool rockers…and Fish Nation, one of our many our saviors. The stores are very unique, lots of up-and-coming local boutiques and music stores where hopefully we will find a bass guitar for Hannah.

Ciao for now, Naomi

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