Friday, December 25, 2009

Jellyfish are Invertebrates (naomi's introduction)

Hello. My name is Naomi, and I am a struggling, aspiring fashion designer with not much hope, as well as the other half of this sad little blog. Please note that I have nothing to do with Hannah’s post, and I am strongly opposed to cheesy slogans.
Yes reader, you are thinking, ‘oh geez, another blog written my some lame kids somewhere’. Well, you think wrong. There are many things that set us apart for your average terrible fashion blog, for example:
1) We live in China, so we have different viewpoints on fashion – Western and East.
2) We also are interested in the arts, and culture, and academics. Not so much sports.
3) Yes, occasionally, we might write about something completely irrelevant, outdated, misinformed, or just plain boring (God forbid). But that’s what keeps it interesting, isn’t it?
4) Reading Vogue in Chinese is interesting. Having no clue what they write about (it’s in Chinese and we can’t get the English one unless we play grotesque amounts of money), we tend to concentrate more on the pictures. And isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?
So those, in a nutshell, are the main reasons why we might be worth reading.
Back to me for a bit - crazy dreams of mine include being a fashion journalist for Vogue, or running a boutique, or being an intern for a cool line.
I like fashion. Everyone should like it, same as everyone should like Led Zeppelin. If you don’t know what Led Zeppelin is, you better find out quick, or your life will be unfulfilled forever.
One last thing – I feel I should stress that contrary to my curly-headed friend’s belief, no one should take life advice from advertising. Ever. Please.


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