Friday, December 25, 2009

the courage and complete insanity of old taiwanese women

Right now as it's the glorious Christmas holidays (or vacation as my American friends would say) I'm in Taiwan. We go almost every year cos my mum's parents are Taiwanese. Well, one of them is, my grandad came from China to Taiwan as a soldier and decided to stay. So romantic and heartwarming..
Anyway, because the whole holiday has been very family oriented, I've had a chance to see my great aunts, and my own grandmothers...interesting outfit choices. Interesting meaning completely, utterly, mind bogglingly INSANE.
I almost admire their complete disregard for convential outfit choices.
The night before last there was a whole family dinner, which as you can imagine was chaos squashed into one tiny dining room of a Japanese/Chinese seafood restaurant. If you ever meet my family you'll realise that organisation isn't really their strong point. Neither is ordering food, buying drinks and sorting out the drive home. But I love them, really! :P
So when my aunts arrived half an hour late and entered the room, I choked on my apple cider.
The shorter of the two, who is a PSYCHIC by the way (see my strange family?!) wore a jumpsuit.
But NO, it doesnt stop there! A red and white striped stretchy cotton jumpsuit.
Let me say, the PSYCHIC aunt is pushing 70. At least.
And apparently she covets my hair. Yes, definite sign of a crazy person. Naomster will back me up on that, because NO ONE covets my hair.
*puts on hat to hide bad haircut*
No one.



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