Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is all around you..and so the feeling grows!

If you really love Christmas, Come on and let it snow! There was no snow on my Christmas Day, seeing as I was in sunny Taiwan. Yay.

Fortunately that meant I was getting good presents as contrary to popular opinion, Taiwan is the best shopping destination *jeremy clarkson pause* the world.

Yes that's right. A tiny island nation that some say is part of China has the worlds best shopping.

So when I (metaphorically) ripped the wrapping paper off my presents, I was sure that it would be good. *Jeremy Clarkson pause* ...I was right.

I now had in my posession a pair of red wayfarer glasses with clear lenses and I was in love! For about ten seconds until my dad laughed at me (my own father!) and my brother keeled over, choking. My other presents were ripped grey jeans, a checked coat with zipper hems (!!), a red coat, a mini laptop, and a japanese magazine that I can't read-I truly am cursed when it comes to magazines. Why can't I speak Japanese?! WHY OH WHY

Some pictures of it's incredible oddness:

How many Vogue editorials would have a bespectacled model biting into a huge bar of chocolate in the Accesories section? More to the point, see the awesome name? FUDGE. LIKE THE FOOD. I mean, I'm sure none of the models inside have ever actually EATEN fudge judging by their thinness, but still, what a cool name. It evokes memories of fudgie-ness. It's not often a magazine does that.
Before I finish, I'd just like to apologise for the despicable quality of the photos. And also my Top Gear references. That show is addictive, I tell you, addictive. Also, if there are any fellow Top Gear fans, just go to Youku and type in Clarkson Island. Then laugh.

Thank you, thank you very much,


*by the way, the title and first sentence of this post are from a very, very special movie. Love Actually, starring the completely fantastic Bill Nighy!

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